The final tapestry in the series shows the brutal end of Tim’s life. Killed in a car accident, he contributed to his downfall by driving too fast in his expensive Ferrari car. Tim dies in the arms of a passer-by and a paramedic, both strangers, while his second wife looks on in shock and passers-by take photos on their phones. A glossy magazine has spilt on the ground from a handbag with Tim and his new younger wife on the cover.

#Lamentation draws on 15th century Belgian artist Rogier Van Der Weyden’s biblical painting of the same theme. The Virgin Mary and John the Evangelist hold the body of the crucified Christ (replaced by Tim here) while Mary Magdalene (represent by his wife) looks on, also mourning. Perry replaces a skull in the foreground of the Van Der Weyden painting with a smashed smartphone, also echoing the phone held by Tim’s mother in the first tapestry. This scene also echoes the final painting of Hogarth’s A Rake Progress (1733), where Tom Rakewell dies in The Madhouse.