Employer Engagement Guide

We have developed this ‘Employer Engagement Guide’ to help you and other head teachers, vocational teachers and employers working across the Western Balkans find the best ways to work together towards further development of education. We have made this practical guide to support you in equipping young people with knowledge and skills that correspond to future needs of employers.

The guide contains a wide range of ideas obtained from real examples from both across the Western Balkans and the UK, where employer engagement has worked and is having a positive impact on the outcomes of their students. We hope you will find this guide useful and that it will provide you with enough ideas and information to make a positive change and create new partnerships with businesses.

We have produced this guide with support from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, within the project ‘Employer Engagement and Reform of Vocational Education and Training in the Western Balkans’.

If you need further information about our work in the area of vocational education and training, please get in touch with our colleague Donika Berisha.

You may also be interested in our online magazine Vocational Education Exchange that focuses on vocational education in the Western Balkans and the UK.