Join our exciting initiative in Eastern and Southern Europe and Central Asia that addresses important issues around skills, entrepreneurship and employment. Together with our international partners we will bring some of the best minds together from government, universities, colleges and business in Kazakhstan, the UK and neighbouring countries.

The SEE Into the Future Astana conference will take place on 18 and 19 November 2014 in Astana, Kazakhstan. Find out more about the conference.

Online survey and discussions for students

If you are a student we want to hear your views on how your college or university can or should help you to get the job that you want in the future. By taking part, you will be providing important data for our research across 15 countries in Eastern and Southern Europe and Central Asia. One lucky winner from each country taking part in the survey will win an electronic prize. 

You can also join our online discussions that will take place on 11 and 12 November.

On the Thursday, 11 November at 12.30 we will be discussing the role that universities have to play in preparing students for their future careers and how they can help to ensure that students are fully equipped to start a fulfilling and rewarding career.

On Friday, 12 November at 12.00 we will hear what businesses are looking for in graduates and you will be able do discuss with them about things you can do to best prepare yourself for the world of work and whether they think universities are doing enough.

Join other students from the UK and 15 countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia and share your experiences.

Language competition

If you are a graduate, postgraduate student or a young professional and would like to improve your English to get a job, this competition is right for you. You could win a two week English language course in the UK with our SeeIntoTheFuture English4Employability competition. We will open the competition early in 2015.

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