The British Council and The University of Sheffield have teamed up to develop a new free online course: How to Succeed in the Global Workplace. The course is open for registrations and will start on 26 September 2016. It runs for four weeks and has three hours of learning each week. Learners at your institutions can register now for this free online course to prepare them for the world of work and support their future career development.

This course is primarily aimed at individuals around the world entering the workplace for the first time. The course will focus on the soft skills universally acknowledged as being necessary to excel in the workplace, so are applicable to students, graduates, newly employed, and those returning to work after a career break. For individuals looking to start their career, it will give them the skills to enter into the workplace with confidence. It will give them the skills to communicate well and to build relationships with colleagues and managers.

The course introduces learners to topics without the need for previous experience. Learners will become aware of the key skills they need for the workplace, and through videos with employers from different sectors and countries, learners will get insights into what employers look for.