Our partner, Education and Training Foundation – a leading body in the UK offering resources and continued professional development training for vocational teachers and practitioners – has launched an exciting new online exhibition space. The ‘Developing Innovation in Technical and Vocational Education and Training’ exhibition is now live and showcases effective practice in the design and delivery of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET).  

The exhibition site brings together examples using the experience and insights of over 40 employer-provider partnerships and features:

  • Case studies, reports and videos demonstrating key aspects of effective and innovative employer-provider partnerships. This is mainly through projects like the 'Two Way Street’ Leadership Exchange ( which is about leadership in developing effective TVET with employers) and the ‘Teach Too’ Development programme (designed to develop staff and curriculum) – two aspects that work very closely together. Key to this work is the concept of dual professionalism which is those who both teach and work in the relevant vocational trade or profession.
  • The findings of a small inquiry into pre-vocational provision, supported by a suite of six case studies and illustrating the features and characteristics of pre-vocational provision. The aim of the enquiry was to ensure teachers knew how best to design programmes for pre-vocational teaching, ie the programmes for those not yet on vocational training.   "

‘Two Way Street’ and ‘Teach Too’ programmes involved large, small and medium-sized enterprises. The case studies, videos and supporting resources capture the ways in which these partnerships have been sharing expertise - occupational, business process, curriculum and pedagogic - to plan, design and deliver innovative and sustainable education and training which is both responsive to the needs of industry and develops a clearer line of sight to work for learners.

The ‘Developing Innovation in Technical and Vocational Education and Training’ exhibition is now live on the Education and Training Foundation’s Excellence Gateway. It brings together the Two Way Street Leadership Exchanges, the Teach Too Development Programme and the outcomes from the inquiry into pre-vocational programme design and delivery.

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