LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network, with hundreds of millions of members connecting professionals from all over the world. Abingdon & Witney College give their top ten reasons why LinkedIn can be an essential tool for any student looking to enter employment.

LinkedIn can be used as a:

  1. learning tool – Allowing students to learn about different businesses, their employees and the careers available in those companies.
  2. personal career network – Allowing students to connect with business professionals, be exposed to opportunities in the workplace and enhance their future economic prospects.
  3. research tool – Giving students the ability to research further education and explore where past students are now working, developing their own aspirations.
  4. CV tool – Helping students to develop an online CV, thus being able to present themselves in a professional and consistent way to future employers.
  5. job search tool – Where students can save searches, which will alert them of future job vacancies based on their own preferences.
  6. discovery tool – Allowing students to read articles written by known ‘influencers’ to teach them free business knowledge and skills, preparing them for the world of work.
  7. networking tool – By joining industry-specific groups and communicating with like-minded professionals they can get their questions answered.
  8. skills development tool – Allowing students to learn how to communicate with business professionals and develop their business etiquette.
  9. search tool – Giving students the ability to find the right companies and people they wish to be connected to, in order to further their reach and get in front of the decision makers.
  10. safe environment – Where students can explore and discover how to develop their personal career network in order to stand-out from the crowd.

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