The Living Room of the Future

This November we brought together a group of young creatives from across the Western Balkans to take part in designing the future of broadcasting by working with the BBC, Mixed reality laboratory Databox and the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT). As part of our PlayUK programme, The Living Room of the Future’ workshop  was held at the regional innovation forum ‘Sarajevo Unlimited’, a regional platform for innovators, start-ups, talents and change makers organised by business, creative and innovation centre Networks INT.

The topics of future media, storytelling and Object-Based Media (OBM) were also introduced to the broader audiences of the Forum, with Ian Forrester talk on the main stage and the BBC Blue Room.

Two selected participants were given the opportunity to continue their work through unique three-week residency program in the UK, with the help of trainers with whom they have worked during the workshop. During this time, they visited Liverpool, Manchester and Nottingham and were able to meet and collaborate with experts from the leading companies in the field of new media - BBC, FACT and Databox.

The program will culminate in May 2018 with experimental demonstration based on a ‘family living room’ scenario that will be a ‘live’ experiment in the OBM experience whist also capturing real-time data on the viewing experience. This exciting interactive cinematic experience will be exhibited at FACT, in Liverpool, UK from 4 until 8 May. Read more and register at FACT website.

Eighteen participants, involved in creative fields from filmmaking to programming and IT, got a unique opportunity to gain insights into Object Based Media (OBM) and ground-breaking media innovations.
Our UK trainers shared their valuable knowledge of new ways of thinking about broadcasting, the Internet of Things, privacy and data. 
BBC Blue Room was a great chance for the visitors of the Sarajevo Unlimited to see and experience the latest technology for observing and creating content.
Ian Forrester, BBC senior producer,  took the main stage and gave valuable insights to the audience regarding  storytelling and future of broadcasting.
Mladen Rakonjac (left) and Ilija Tiricovski (right) are the selected participants who travelled to UK for a three week residency to make their idea come to life.

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