‘Teaching for Success’, an integrated approach to improve the quality of teaching and learning in education systems

Governments, educational institutions and international agencies facilitate the continuous professional development of teachers. We have developed ‘Teaching for Success’ to help you improve the quality of teaching and learning in your education system.

Read on to find out more about ‘Teaching for Success’ and how we can help you.

New Continuous Professional Development (CPD) framework for teachers

Effective continuing professional development is at the heart of ‘Teaching for Success’. Our approach has the flexibility to meet the specific requirements of governments and the needs of teachers in their classrooms. 

All teachers in the world should have high-quality continuing professional development opportunities that improve their own practice and their learners’ success.

Download free resources for teachers and teacher educators

'Teaching for Success' encompasses a full range of learning opportunities for teachers and teacher educators, from formal teacher training courses and qualifications, networking and communities of practice, to other informal CPD activities. These can all be combined to meet your specific needs. Find out more and download free resources.

Development for teachers of all subjects

‘Teaching for Success’ is relevant to teachers of all curriculum subjects and incorporates the technology appropriate to the teachers and their context. It has a special focus on English language teaching. The framework includes high-quality teacher training and development resources particularly for English language teachers.

Benefits to education systems, teachers and learners

'Teaching for Success' will make your education system better, more modern and more effective. Our training and development help teachers perform better in the classroom and get better results from their learners. It supports teachers in taking responsibility for their own professional development.

Experience and expertise

Our approach builds on the British Council’s international expertise and years of experience helping governments improve the quality of teaching and learning in education systems.

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