EU scholarships
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Modernising Kosovo’s public administration system to meet European administrative and democracy-related standards

This project aims to help enhance the professional capacity of civil servants in key segments of Kosovon public administration, through the provision of university education in EU Member States. 

The main project activity comprises administration of a scholarship programme for graduate students and/or civil servants to undertake postgraduate studies in EU matters. The project also assists in the employment of scholars within the Kosovo public administration, throughout the civil service, including all ministries and local government institutions.

The project is currently achieving 95% employment absorption within the civil service.  Scholars are employed for a minimum of three years, contributing to reform and development.

Overall the project aims to:

  • Help the Government of Kosovo meet the challenges of the EU integration process by building a professional, accountable and apolitical civil service at all levels.
  • Support the Kosovan public administration through a scholarship programme that aims to improve the professional capacity of the civil service to meet the obligations arising from the EU integration process.
  • Generate a core group of ‘new generation’ civil servants who are prepared and determined to implement reforms in public administration, in particular those required for the EU integration process.