Kosovo talks EU
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A joint project between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, British Embassy and British Council

In 2011 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Kosovo launched an extensive multifaceted outreach campaign employing, for the first time, public diplomacy in order to:

  • Increase the overall interaction between Kosovo and other European countries and their public through establishing channels of communication between government, parliament, civil society, businesses, academia and media. Special attention was given to regional cooperation and cross-border exchanges.
  • Improve the overall image of Kosovo by highlighting the progress and challenges, but also the potential of Kosovo in regional tourism, development of the cultural landscape, the unique political history and rich cultural heritage. 
  • Increase the capacities and the potential of the internal staff of MFA, but also stakeholders in civil society and cultural organisations to engage in cooperative projects of cultural and public diplomacy that highlights the contemporary, multi-ethnic and progressive agenda dedicated to dialogue between peoples, Euro-Atlantic integration and good neighbourly relations.

Meeting the aims required a multi-faceted approach, delivered in a competent and transparent manner.  MFA has cooperated with top foreign and cultural policy institutions in delivering an innovative set of projects that have greatly increased the overall capacity of the principle pillars of foreign policy and cultural communication such as MFA, Foreign Policy NGO’s, Ministry of EU integrations, Presidency etc. The projects have improved the communication channels between Kosovo and European countries.