We now know from past Coding Challenges that competition inspires children to do their best not just good enough.

When they compete, they try to come up with new ideas, do some research and learn to work with other team members. They will also strive to do more than required so that they win among the others. These abilities prepare them for future situations such as applying in college, applying for a new job or getting promoted by bringing new ideas to the companies they are working for.

We are happy to see such great results from our young innovators so far and thankful to the collaborative teachers, participants in the 21st Century Schools programme. The programme has promoted positive values for both, and it has created a more attractive environment in the classroom.

But what will students from Kosovo achieve from this programme specifically? The answer to this and to other questions can be found in the interviews we took from the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation Ms. Arbërie Nagavci and other professionals in the field of education in the video above.