Mentoring is an effective method of professional development. It encourages growth and motivation, improves productivity and engagement, facilitates connection between the participants, strengthens the community and collective identity of women, helps expand the network of professional contacts, creates opportunities for cooperation and exchange of ideas and contributes to strengthening self-confidence.

We ran a two-month pilot mentoring programme between February and April 2021, to empower women in the media. Fifteen mentees and six experienced mentors from six countries of the Western Balkans took part. The mentees were matched to a mentor with experience in the media. The mentors offered advice on any challenges but also shared their knowledge, experience and networks to support their mentee. This was an opportunity to learn, ask questions and experience different points of view.

Mentees met with their mentors twice a week to work on personal and professional development goals. The mentees also participated in workshops and consultations to exchange their experiences, reflect on the mentoring process and network with each other.

Meet the Mentors 

We worked with journalists from across the region with experience in a range of media and paired them with mentees from different countries. At the end of the programme we asked the mentors to reflect on their experiences. All of the mentors chose to take part because they wanted to help the younger generation but they also found that they learnt from their mentees.

Valbona Sulçe

Valbona Sulçe is a freelance journalist, media researcher and trainer from Tirana, Albania. She began her career as a political reporter and anchorwoman. She has written and taught extensively on reporting diversity. 

Elira Çanga

Elira Çanga is an experienced Albanian journalist, media expert and trainer. She is presently managing the EU-funded project Media in Focus in Albania and is working on strengthening public service media and enriching the school of journalism’ curricula. 

Marina Riđić

Marina Riđić is a TV anchor, journalist, and communications expert. Her work, currently at Aljazeera Balkans, comprises 3000+ TV shows, interviews, live reports and documentary films and focuses on politics.

Dušanka Duška Pejović

Dušanka Duška Pejović has been a journalist for more than 20 years and is currently employed as an editor - journalist at the Radio Television of Montenegro. For many years  she has worked for international organizations as an expert, consultant, researcher, trainer and analyst in the fields of media and communications, gender equality, participatory approach.

Zaneta Skerlev

Zaneta Skerlev is a columnist, writing weekly columns for newspaper and online sites in North Macedonia, monitors media in the Balkans and formerly the Head of the Macedonian BBC World Service.

Maša Mileusnić

Maša spent nearly 30 years in TV as a reporter, news anchor, editor, correspondent and consultant for media. While she is no longer active in journalism as team leader of the Network Journalists against violence against women, she engages with the media through specific programs and guides for journalists who report about violence against women and girls.

What our mentors and mentees had to say about the programme

Mentee - Jeta Selmanaj (KOS)

'Elira has worked in so many media and I've learned so much from her, especially when we talked about her "mistakes" through the years, that was the exactly what I'm going through. Living only in one small place as Kosovo, I didn't have confidence and opportunity to challenge myself in a different ways. For me, seemed impossible to go out of Kosovo, meet new people, see a different cultures and learn new things. Thanks to Elira's support, I applied for a fellowships I dreamed about and I found many programs out of Kosovo. I can't wait to go to Albania and meet Elira in person.' 

Mentor - Elira Çanga (ALB) 

'In Jeta I saw myself when I have been a young reporter. We have both done the same path and covered the same topics as young reporters. Jeta faced challenges I also faced in my first years in journalism and sincerely, I saw in her the light and the passion I had when I started this profession 20 years ago. Talking and discussing with her gave me the possibility to be a better listener, kind of do a resume of my professional life and made my experience valuable to her. We have been very collaborative and actually I couldn’t wait to meet her during the week. I really enjoyed all the workshops, meetings and consultations as an opportunity to grow, learn more, gain excellent friends and colleagues and share challenges, thoughts and opinions with them. '