Creative Spotlight

Creative Spotlight is a multi-month programme consisting of carefully curated modules designed to extend participants’ existing knowledge and encourage the development of skills that are critical for quality content production. 

This programme is developed under the Culture and Creativity for the Western Balkans project (CC4WBs), implemented by UNESCO, British Council and the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) and funded by the European Union.  

Participants of this programme will take on a journey that includes a comprehensive series of self-paced e-learning courses, online training sessions and workshops, production grants accompanied with a light mentoring, and Awards for the best content created during this programme cycle. The objective of the learning path is to enhance participants' knowledge in video content creation, visual storytelling, multiplatform storytelling, and to keep up with emerging trends and technologies in content creation. The primary aim is to engage and expand audiences across diverse platforms. 

The Creative Spotlight programme cycle within the CC4WBs will be delivered by the Thomson Foundation, a leading media development and capacity building organization in Europe. Through the Creative Spotlight component of the CC4WBs project, we are aiming to promote intercultural dialogue and enhance the socio-economic impact of the cultural and creative sector in the Western Balkans.