Why did you apply to participate as a mentee in the Mentoring Programme for women in the media in the Western Balkans?

To be honest, I hesitated as whether to apply for the Mentoring Program for Women for fear that I would not be able to fit it in due to all my commitments. However, I changed my mind when Larisa Halilović paid a visit to our media outlet. She suggested that I apply and thanks to her I have gained an invaluable experience.

Has working with your mentor contributed to your personal and professional development?

I was very happy with the mentor assigned to me, we accomplished a great deal, and all of that contributed to my personal and professional development.

Please describe briefly how you acheived success in your mentoring pair.

My mentor put me in contact with several successful women, both in the area of journalism and marketing. I made contacts which would be hard to come by otherwise. I had a live meeting with my mentor which contributed to the success of our mentoring pair/work.

Have you come up with new ideas, launched new activities, collaborations and/or projects, or do you intend to start them, as a result of networking with people gathered around our programme?

Our communication also took place outside regular meetings, and based on the projects implemented by ZOS, we came up with the idea of a PR text about the two of us and the projects. The article generated major online buzz and was picked up by many other media in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Have your expectations from the mentoring programme been met? 

I am happy to have been a part of this mentoring programme, but sad at the same time because it has ended. I had never before had the opportunity to participate in programmes like this. What was accomplished has exceeded my expectations. I met some wonderful women, and even made a business contract with Albina, a mentor from Tuzla.